We provide steady health care and monitor our patients as they heal  and work with other clinics to secure this very purpose.

Pathologycam Testing

The Department of Clinical Pathology at soulDelics Diagnostics supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood and other bodily fluids, tissues, and microscopic evaluation of individual cells.

Mineral Assay

soulDelics laboratories also deals with the minerals assay testing, mining and exploration. The mineral assay laboratories provide sample preparation facilities and a wide range of Total Quality Assurance mineral testing services.


Psychiatrists in Vancouver are now one of the top buyers of the MDMA, a hallucinogenic drug commonly known as ecstasy, for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) produced by soulDelics.

Our Expertise

01.Pathologycam Testing

02. Mineral Assay

03. MDMA

Latest Case Studies

Vaccines typically require years of research and testing before reaching the clinic, but in 2020, scientists embarked on a race to produce safe and effective coronavirus vaccines in record time. Researchers are currently testing 64 vaccines in clinical trials on humans, and 20 have reached the final stages of testing. At least 85 preclinical vaccines are under active investigation in animals.