Psychedelic Drug Abuse

People generally take psychedelics in an effort to induce an altered sense of being or a state of mind in which they are set apart from reality. Psychedelic drug abuse does not typically lead to addiction but this doesn’t make the situation safe or otherwise acceptable. People who abuse psychedelic drugs are likely to suffer from adverse reactions at some point in their drug use and are at an increased risk of accident or injury as a result of being under the influence of these drugs.

What is Drug Abuse?

Psychedelic drug abuse is not the same as addiction. People who are addicted will experience withdrawal symptoms, cravings and other side effects when they attempt to quit using drugs. Those who abuse psychedelic drugs are not typically jeopardized with withdrawal or serious cravings, they don’t typically become physically or psychologically dependent on the drug and they can usually quit on their own. Drug abuse is the state of using a drug for a purpose for which it is not intended such as to get high or to change the state of mind.

Dangers of Psychedelic Drug Abuse

Various psychedelic drugs such as LSD, acid and mescaline are abused regularly on the streets. Unfortunately, there are a number of potential dangers that may arise from the use of psychedelic drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, although these drugs are generally considered non-addictive, they are not generally considered safe for use. This is because people who abuse psychedelic drugs are at an increased risk of accident, injury, misinterpreted thoughts, psychotic behaviors or other serious dangers.

Taking these drugs may lead to what is known as a “bad trip.” This occurs when the user becomes overwhelmed with the thoughts, feelings or interpretation of the external environment to a point in which he or she suffers from serious anxiety and a strong inability to cope with the emotions that they are having. This can go on for hours and may lead to irrational or erratic behaviors such as acting out, hurting one’s self or attempting to commit suicide.

Most of the time, the reason why people who are under the influence of psychedelic drugs find themselves in a hospital or otherwise in a bad state is due to the extreme anxiety and paranoia that can arise when the user experiences a bad trip. These feelings, emotions and the general overwhelming that comes when the user has had a bad trip will generally go away when the drug wears off but in some rare cases such a psychotic state can continue for many weeks or months following the use of the drug.

Effects of Psychedelic Abuse

People who abuse psychedelic drugs will generally feel emotionally unstable, may hallucinate or may act erratically. The perception of time is lost and the perception of surroundings may be deeply changed. If the surroundings or the external environment is safe and good, and the user’s attitude or emotions are good then there will often be what is known as a “good trip.” However, if the attitude is bad, the user is depressed, the environment is scary or threatening or otherwise unhappy then there is an increased risk of a “bad trip.” This is one of many facts about psychedelics that people tend to overlook or misinterpret.

The effects of psychedelic abuse have been found to be mostly while the user is under the influence of the drug. Generally, these effects wear off when the drug wears off and there are no lasting side effects. Some users, only a small percentage, will suffer from long term psychosis or side effects associated with their decision to abuse drugs that are psychedelic in nature. Because of the unknown potential risks, psychedelic drug abuse should be avoided or kept to a minimum whenever possible.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information about psychedelic drug abuse to make a true assumption as to whether drugs such as LSD or mescaline are actually safe or whether they can cause serious damage to the user. More research and studies will have to be performed in order to determine the true, lasting, long term effects that this type of drug abuse can have on an individual.